Is StudyPro for You?

Is StudyPro for You?

Some students come by executive skills naturally and don’t need to ‘externalize’ the process. Others need support with developing strategies until the process becomes natural for them.

The continuum for brain maturation is natural and appropriate, but not forgiving to the student who has not internalized necessary skills to meet the demands of their school curriculum.

What is your student profile?

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“I am entering a more demanding program and haven’t mastered my study skills.”

Strong study / executive function skills are essential in every transition process:

  • Lack of these skills become most apparent when there is a jump in workload and/or school expectations.
  • At key transition times, many students need the added advantage of being taught the “process to learn.”
  • This process instills in them the specific learning skills that have never been fully taught, or may have previously not been necessary.
  • A strong “study skills” foundation gives students an edge by teaching them how to best:

    Manage time

    Organize thoughts and materials

    Plan and prioritize work

    Get started

    Stay on track

    Learn from mistakes

    Many students graduate from our our 5-day program and are fully prepared to take on the demands of their academic workload with no additional coaching required. We think that is great!

    Others, may want or need more “practice” with these skills.
    In our “Coached” Homework Center:

  • We use student’s current academic assignments – be it a research paper, a test, or a project – to practice the skills that they have learned.
  • We help students establish new, positive habits that put them in charge of managing and completing their work.
  • We help them learn to advocate for their own academic success.
  • For those who desire more individualized help, we provide 1:1 Coaching in conjunction with our Homework Center.

    Enroll your student in our 5-Session Study Skills Program: