Many students require more personalized attention to learn the skills required to organize and plan their work and time, manage their emotions and attention, and reflect upon and revise their tactics as circumstances change. To schedule or inquire about a 1:1 coaching meeting, please contact The StudyPro via email or call us at 571-321-5800.

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Our coaches provide students with the strategies and encouragement they need to learn. Our goal is to build new effective habits to reduce anxiety and to help each student feel that they are in charge of their own success.



Any 4th through 12th grader who would benefit from ongoing, individualized support to build and better utilize study skills including time management, organization, work management and test-taking.

study skills coaching

The Weekly Work:

We use our weekly sessions to review a student’s homework, papers, tests, and projects, both past and present. We focus on the individual needs of that student, whether it is organizing their materials, creating a work plan for the week, devising more effective study strategies, breaking long-term assignments into ‘chunks’, or other. We build on the student’s current strengths as well as implement new strategies and habits for learning. When a student leaves the session with their coach, they have a plan for their work, a strategy for how to complete that work and a growing confidence that they are becoming an independent learner.

The Benefits:

As students start to see improvement in their academic performance, they become more confident, more willing to invest greater effort, and more capable of working independently. Gaining mastery of study skills is critical for every student and once mastered, transforms them in to independent learners who have the skills to be fully responsible for their own academic success.

Because these are life skills – not just study skills — we see a growth in overall self-esteem, confidence, and the willingness to try new things.


Our executive function coaches are highly trained and respected educators who have a considerable knowledge of neuropsychological testing, ADHD, and Executive Dysfunction. These professionals can work with students who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities or anxiety, but are available for all students who need to build and practice individualized skills with a highly trained coach until they feel confident in their ability to work more independently.

Don’t know if your
child needs 1:1 Coaching?

Are they…

  • Not meeting their academic potential or experiencing falling grades?
  • Having trouble starting and/or completing work?
  • Having trouble managing time, assignments, and/or an increasing workload?
  • Transitioning to a more challenging academic level (e.g. another grade or school)?
  • Having challenges with test-taking and/or studying effectively for tests?
  • Seeming to lack a “sense of urgency” and/or have too great of a “sense of urgency”?
  • Struggling to organize work, forgetting work, lacking longer-term planning skills?
  • study skills coaching


    Subscription Packages are also available.


    Subscription Packages are also available.


    $150/50-minute session.
    To schedule or inquire about a 1:1 coaching meeting, please contact The StudyPro via email or call us at 571-321-5800.

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