“Coached” Homework Center

Remote Coached Homework Center

Two of the greatest challenges faced by students who are distance learning are self-motivation and time-management. By creating dedicated times to join the coached homework center, students overcome procrastination, get subject-matter support and leave feeling accomplished.

Upon entering our online homework room, students will be greeted and provided support to start their work. At any time, they can request subject-matter support in a break-out room. And all of the time, they feel less alone as they work alongside other students and coaches in this supportive environment.


Coaches in the Remote Homework Center…

• Help students get started on their work by reviewing their plan and helping them “chunk” their work.
Answer questions students have on their homework when they need the help (i.e. right then!).
• Promote positivity for students by helping them reflect on their session successes.
• Provide feedback to parents with post-homework center “Notes and Next Steps” emails


single session:
five sessions:
$65.00 ea.

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Our ”Coached” Homework Center provides students the opportunity to “learn by doing.” Like any skill, study skills need to be mastered through practice. The Homework Center is an encouraging, coach-supported environment for students to build successful, life-long habits for planning, managing and completing their work.

Coached Homework Center

How It Works:

Distance learning can be both lonely and frustrating for students. Each class and every assignment requires self-motivation and initiation without the normal avenues for personalized support. The Remote Homework Center (rHWC) provides a place “to go” that will help students get started, plan and get the help they need in real time – which is exactly when they need it.

Once a student joins the rHWC via ZOOM, they will be greeted by a coach and the planning process will begin.

How we help make distance learning easier:

  • Help Getting Started: Students will be provided our “StudyPro Work @Home Plan” (see picture) to help get them started and organized.
  • Help Planning: The student and the rHWC Coach will move to a private room where they can work 1:1 on finalizing the student’s plan.
  • Support Working Their Plan: Once back in the main room, the student will ”work their plan”. Coaches will check in with each student to monitor progress, review work, remind them to take (non-electronics) breaks and help keep them motivated.
  • Help When They Get Stuck: Should a question arise at any time, students can “raise their hand” or chat and be moved to a private room to get 1:1 support on an assignment (i.e. math, science, history, English, etc.).
  • Support Seeing Their Success: When the student has completed their work or has to leave the session, the students will move to a break-out room to ”check-out”. The check-out process helps the student identify what went right, what is left to do and kickstarts their planning for the next day.

Working alongside others (even virtually) and getting needed support will help make the entire process of distance learning easier for all students. There is no time limit per session, so students stay as long as needed.

* The StudyPro [email protected] Plan
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The Homework Center works because it is a supportive environment with highly skilled coaches. It helps students overcome procrastination as they are jump-started as soon as they join and are supported throughout their session.

Rather than sitting alone, trying to motivate themselves to start work, students:

  1. Join a place where “homework gets done”. Instead of experiencing the typical distractions, students are joined by others getting work done, and are partnering with and accountable to coaches to move through their work.
  2. Receive ”just-in-time” homework support across multiple subjects. Rather than giving up or getting frustrated, students have access to 1:1 support whenever they need it.
  3. Have a plan. “Taking action” is the first step to reducing both avoidance and anxiety. By creating a plan, students have a way to navigate their work that reduces their stress and helps them get stuff done!
  4. Schedule productivity! By picking the times you will join the homework center, you are actually scheduling your productivity and not merely relying on internal motivation.

Strong executive function skills are required, now more than ever, to manage work and time. We know how hard online school is (day after day!) and want to help celebrate student successes during this time.

our homework center coaches:

Our rHWC Coaches are teachers who are subject-matter experts in Science, Math, and Humanities and are able to support these subjects for students in 4th – 12th grade. Coaches will be available throughout each rHWC session to ensure students get help when needed. They will assist students in creating and working through an achievable plan for each session and be an “accountability coach” to help them persevere.


WHO: Any 4th through 12th grader who would benefit from support starting, planning and completing their distance learning schoolwork.

WHEN: The StudyPro Remote Homework Center is online:

Mondays through Thursdays: 1pm – 7pm
Sundays: 12pm – 5pm

Students can participate in any session and can stay as long as needed, but must pre-register. If students want to join (even at the last minute), simply email [email protected] and we can set them up.

PARENT COMMUNICATION: After each rHWC session, parents and students will receive a “Notes and Next Steps” email providing a summary of the student’s session, success and next homework steps.


$75 per day or available in packs of 5 for $65 per day.
Sessions have no time limits. Students can stay as long as they need and/or come and go as needed.

Discounts available for multiple sessions. View pricing sheet here.


single session:
five sessions:
$65.00 ea.

Once purchased, students can be registered online or via email to [email protected].
IF SCHEDULING ONLINE: Please select the day and approximate time of online arrival.
IF EMAILING: Please let us know what day and approximate time your student will be joining the session.

For more information or questions:

• email, us at [email protected]
• call us at 571-321-5800
• or complete this brief interest form and we will contact you within the business day.



The Homework Center is available on a weekly basis or drop-in.

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