“Coached” Homework Center

Coached Homework Center

The Coached Homework Center* provides students the opportunity to “learn by doing.”

Students plan and complete their work with accountability and structure, all while incorporating new executive function and study skills.

The Homework Center is in-person only in our McLean, VA center


The Homework Center is an encouraging, coach-supported environment for students to build successful, life-long habits for planning, managing and completing their work.

Our ”Coached” Homework Center provides students the opportunity to “learn by doing.” Like any skill, study skills need to be mastered through practice. The Homework Center is an encouraging, coach-supported environment for students to build successful, life-long habits for planning, managing and completing their work.

Coached Homework Center


For any 6th through 12th grader who would benefit from a structured, coach-supported environment to complete their homework or has taken our Study Skills and Strategies course and wants to practice these skills on their assigned work.

How it Works:

Upon entering either Homework Center, your student will be greeted by a coach who will collaboratively assist them in creating their  STUDYPRO WORK PLAN.  

This plan will represent your student’s:

1. Overall Work-To-Be-Completed – Students and Coaches work collaboratively to identify current, future, and missing work as outlined in the school portal.

2. Time Estimation and Prioritization
– After reviewing each assignment students estimate how long it will take.  Work is then prioritized using our methodology, creating a plan that is most efficient for completion.  

3.  Strategies
– Once the plan for today is complete, we help students identify potential barriers and strategies for starting as well as provide subject-matter support across all major subjects.

4.  Assessment
– Throughout the session, coaches work with students to identify strategies to push through as well as barriers.  This improves student self-awareness to increase efficiency going forward.

The act of creating and working a plan reinforces the benefits of planning, allows measurement of completed work against predicted work, and provides visibility to coaches, parents and other key stakeholders.

After each HWC Session, you will receive a comprehensive session report via email.  This report will include your student’s HWC PLAN as well as coach comments on their reflections regarding the roadblocks they faced and strategies they used to overcome them.


Our staff of Math, Science, and Humanities subject-matter experts (aka “homework center coaches”)  work to ensure students never get “stuck.” Because we build a relationship with every child, we learn their strengths and weaknesses and help them to incorporate new skills to meet their daily and long-term objectives.

Why it works:

The Homework Center works because it provides the structure, accountability, and strategies that students need to get their work done.  It also works because students don’t feel alone.  They are in a work-oriented environment with support “at-the-point-of-performance.”

The Homework Center is a neutral place with positive peer-influence.  Students benefit from utilizing strategies that support  a consistent and efficient homework rhythm.

Homework Center Hours:

School Year Hours:
Mondays – Thursdays: 3:30pm to 8:30pm
Sundays: 11am to 5pm


The Homework Center is available on a weekly basis or drop-in.


The Homework Center is available to “drop in” or to schedule on a weekly basis. 
There is a 2-session “Try Out” offering for new students (see pricing button below).

There are no time limits in the HWC.  Students stay as long as needed to finish their work.

To schedule, simply let us know the approximate time of arrival of your student by either:
– selecting the arrival window using the button below
– emailing us at [email protected] or
– calling us at 571-321-5800.