Our Story


At the StudyPro, we are educators. We are parents. We are experts in cultivating study and Executive Function skills to build stronger students.

Our philosophy is that learning to learn is a skill  and that all students can build these skills with compassionate, solutions-oriented support.

At The StudyPro, students benefit from systems, strategies, and mindsets that are positive – to improve their skills as learners. Parents benefit from the option of a multi-pronged approach, ability to demystify the problem, and detailed communication after every student session.

We look forward to you meeting the team.

Debbie Rosen

Founder and Co-Owner

The StudyPro represents a “2nd calling” for Debbie who spent the last 30 years balancing her high-paced career in technology and raising her two children. As a mother of a child with ADHD, she has worked tirelessly to navigate the challenges of raising a son who learns differently. After experiencing the struggles for students with “under-developed” executive functioning skills and seeing the positive effects of teaching explicit executive function strategies to her son, her personal passion became a professional one. Debbie’s wide-ranging management experience coupled with her desire to build a community of families with shared experiences, has guided our efforts in bringing together parents, schools and professionals to share and exchange strategies that help make raising our students just a little bit easier.

our story

Debbie Rosen with her husband Mo, son David, and daughter Naomi



As a Special Educator and Assistive Technology Specialist, Lindsey has seen how the struggles of students with executive functioning needs can have overarching effects on self-confidence and self-esteem.  She has also seen the power and unmitigated change that the right strategies and coaching can provide. In addition to a specialty in Assistive Technology, Lindsey has been trained in Dyslexia Strategies and Resources, Applied Behavioral Analysis and Verbal Behavior.  Lindsey’s clinical internship and direct practice with students on the autism spectrum as well as those with emotional and behavioral disabilities has equipped her with the deep knowledge to help all students build individualized strategies to improve their performance and confidence.

Lindsey is responsible for the development of The StudyPro’s executive function curriculum and leads the training of our full team of coaches.  She also develops and delivers The StudyPro’s Executive Function Training for Professionals programs which have been delivered to hundreds of individuals, professionals and school teams.

Lindsey’s goal of bringing each student centerstage into their own growth is built into all coaching and curriculum at The StudyPro.

our story

Our executive function and writing coaches

Anyone can call themselves an Executive Function coach, but not all are.  The StudyPro’s Executive Function coaches are Masters or Ph.D. level educators including special educators, school psychologists, and learning specialists. Our coaches all utilize a consistent and personalized method of planning, prioritization, initiation and time management that align with what is taught in our Study Skills and Strategies course. We have the experience to individualize strategies for every student — from those simply struggling with the transition to an upgraded set of expectations, to students with ADHD, executive function challenges and/or other learning differences.


Our Homework Center Coaches

Our Homework Center Coaches are teachers who are subject-matter experts in Science, Math, and Humanities and are able to support these subjects for students in 4th – 12th grade. Coaches will be available throughout each HWC session to ensure students get help when needed. They will assist students in creating and working through an achievable plan for each session and be an “accountability coach” to help them persevere.


We are committed to ensure that The StudyPro delivers an exceptional experience for students and parents alike. We owe a huge thanks to our existing community and we hope that you will join them — and us — on our journey.