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We are educators. We are diagnosticians. We are parents.
We are experts in the areas of Executive Function and ADHD Coaching.

But most of all we are individuals who want to help children become confident
and effective learners and agents of their own change.

While improving academic performance is our initial goal, we work with students to internalize a personalized structure for learning that they will carry with them forever. As they grow to understand their learning strengths and weaknesses, to manage time and schedules, to master key study strategies and to effectively prepare for and take tests, they evolve into individuals who are self-aware, confident and competent in their ability to champion their own success.

Kathy Essig, M.Ed.

Founder, Coach and Head of Curriculum

Kathy Essig, M.Ed. – Founder, Coach and Head of Curriculum

Kathy Essig, M.Ed. – Founder, Coach and Head of Curriculum

As a Special Education Diagnostician and the creator of the Upper School Learning Center at the Potomac School in McLean, VA, Kathy has spent her career observing students with variable executive function skills and adapting school curriculum to ensure their success.

Neuroscience now corroborates what Kathy has understood for years; learners develop their executive skills at vastly different times in their academic careers. Some students come by executive skills naturally and don’t need to ‘externalize’ the process. Others need support with developing strategies for success until the process becomes natural for them.

The continuum for brain maturation is natural and appropriate, but not forgiving to the student who has not internalized necessary skills to meet the demands of their school curriculum. Kathy works with students to gain an understanding of their learning strengths and weaknesses, manage time and schedules, create visual and auditory note-taking strategies and effectively prepare for and take tests. The overarching goal is to develop a student who is self-aware, confident and has achieved ‘learned independence’.

our story

Kathy Essig with her two Old English Sheepdogs, Seamus and Trallee

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Debbie Rosen

Founder, Parent Advocate and Head of Business Operations

The StudyPro represents a “2nd calling” for Debbie who spent the last 30 years balancing her high-paced career in technology and raising her two children. As a mother of a child with ADHD, she has worked tirelessly to navigate the challenges of raising a son who learns differently. After experiencing the struggles for students with “under-developed” executive functioning skills and seeing the positive effects of Kathy’s work with her son, her personal passion became a professional one. Debbie’s wide-ranging management experience coupled with her desire to build a community of families with shared experiences, will guide our efforts in bringing together parents, partners and professionals to share and exchange information and strategies on everything from ‘How to Overcome Learning Differences” to “Helping Your Teen Develop Key Life Skills.”

our story

Debbie Rosen with her husband Mo, son David, and daughter Naomi

Both Kathy and Debbie are commited to ensure that The StudyPro delivers an exceptional experience for students and parents alike. We owe a huge thanks to our exisitng community and we hope that you will join them — and us — on our journey.

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