Every student has the potential to be a great writer. The way you learn to write is through practice and building confidence in your authentic writing voice.  Writing coaching guides that journey and helps students look deeply into their current process of writing.

With this support, students discover their authentic writing voice and remove the barriers where they were getting stuck or shortcutting in the process.  The output of this process is not only a strong piece of written work, but a new belief system, both which serve as irrefutable evidence that they are capable of mastering writing.

Engaging and personalized,
writing coaching starts with BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS and TAKING INVENTORY  of writing strengths and areas for growth.

Each student will:

  • Be paired with the right writing coach for their grade and experience
  • Take a “before and after” skills and beliefs inventory
  • Dive deeply into the process of writing, identifying the steps they typically skip
  • Build strategies for all phases of writing (beginning, keeping going, finishing)
  • Receive personalized comments and feedback after each session and a personalized report upon completion

To inquire or schedule writing coaching, please complete the interest form below, email us, or call us at 571-321-5800


Great coaches help to make great writers
The StudyPro writing coaches are English professors, high school writing instructors, and authors. They are passionate about writing and understand that the way you learn to write is through practice. We work with students to expand their skills, helping them try new approaches in order to discover what works for them and implement those strategies going forward. It’s a dialogue that our coaches know how to have.

We also understand that to help students with writing, we need to engage and inspire them. To do that, we “drop in” to meet a student where they are – both emotionally and academically — and work to discover what they haven’t asked but what they don’t yet know.


Because it is challenging to the majority of students, we focus on the process of writing through the context of an  argumentative essay. If students have summer assignments (reading or writing), we will use those and apply our process. If not, we will explore their interests and ideas to determine which of our pre-determined prompts would inspire them the most.

Students will be paired with a coach and a personalized schedule will be created including frequency and length of sessions.

  • Sessions can be weekly, twice a week or skip weeks where necessary.
  • Sessions will be either 1 hour or 90 mins based on the student.
  • Students will be asked to do writing work outside of the sessions in order to make maximum use of the 1:1 time with the coach.

Goals of the sessions

Most students spend their time in the drafting but very little time in the pre-writing but that is where they need to explore what is being asked of them. Most students tend to write “off the cuff” and that becomes their draft, with very little time or logical analysis. They edit as they draft so they never see their works from the “outside”, with a critical eye. We will investigate the stages of writing including pre-writing, organizing ideas and evidence, drafting, and editing and revising and look for specific strategies to shape and improve their individual writing process. The goal is to provide more structure and cohesiveness within their papers and a stronger writing process across all of their work.


Providing feedback that focuses on the process of developing skills and conveys the importance of effort is what motivates students to persist when learning. We want students to know that their writing skills can be developed through dedication and hard work on the skills we have covered, and that they are fully in control of both.

After each session, coaches will provide a brief feedback form for students and parents outlining:

  • This is what we did
  • This is where we saw growth
  • This is where we are working on next
  • This is the homework for student
  • Our next session is (date and time)

After their final coaching sessions, they will receive an assessment with a “before and after” view of their writing skills via our writing inventory, their ‘challenges and beliefs’ survey, and a strengths and areas for growth assessment by their coach.

Writing Assessment Report


After a phone consultation, students will be paired with a coach and a personalized schedule will be created including frequency and length of sessions.

  • Sessions can be weekly, twice a week or skip weeks where necessary.
  • Sessions will be either 1 hour or 90 mins based on the student.

COST: $110 / hour

Discounts available for 5 or more sessions. See Pricing Sheet for details.

For more information or to set up a coaching session:

  • email us at info@thestudypro.com
  • call us at 571-321-5800, or
  • complete this brief interest form
    and we will contact you within the business day.