Yorktown High School Webinar Series

You've heard about Executive Function and study skills.  But do you really know what they are?

Download this PDF to see the role each set of skills play in school.

Webinar Series Replay's and Registrations

'How Executive Function Skills Improve Student Success'

Jan 27th| 7:30 PM | FREE 

In this strategy-based presentation by the owners of The StudyPro you will learn:

  • What Executive Functions (EF) skills are and why they matter
  • How to recognize and improve “missing skills” behind common school challenges
  • How to partner with your student to support them the “right way”
    Improving Executive Function skills will help with focus, flexibility, and pushing through frustration. And that’s definitely something to cheer about.

Focus Audience: Parents/Caregivers of MS and HS students


'Reducing Homework Friction By Improving Time Mgmt and Planning Skills'

Mar 3rd| 7:30 PM | FREE

In this webinar, the Founder and Owners of The StudyPro , an Executive Function and Study Skills Center will share:

  • The relationship between planning and time management
    Specific strategies that students need to better initiate work
  • How to plan for both short and long-term projects
  • How to manage time more efficiently to get more free time and less stress

Please join us for this webinar focused on how parents can best help their students to build these critical skills.

Focus Audience: Parents/Caregivers of MS and HS students.


'Executive Function and College:  Preparing for the Launch' with The StudyPro and Dr. Andrea Brenner

Apr 7th| 7:30 PM | FREE

Dr. Brenner, a college transition educator who draws on her 25 years of experience as a college professor and as the creator/director of American University's first-year experience program will join The StudyPro Executive Function experts to cover:

  • The significant differences between high school and college
  • How you can transition from the parent of a high school “adolescent” to the parent of a college “young adult"
  • The academic and social/emotional skills students will need to thrive in college
  • Tips for teaching these skills during the high school years
  • Guiding your students to find campus resources that will help them be successful and independent

Whether you have a ninth grader just starting high school or a senior about to head off, there is a lot you can do to prepare your children for a successful launch to college.

Please join us for this interactive and informative talk from a “college insider” and EF experts who know the challenges that your student (and you) will face!

Focus Audience: Parents/Caregivers of HS students.


If you’d like us to speak at your school please email [email protected]