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The StudyPro offers Continuing Education Credits as part of our Executive Function Training for teachers, school administration, and other professionals. We also offer a study skills REBOOT course for 6th- 12th grade students who have previously taken our study skills courses. All workshops can be customized for schools and large groups.

Upcoming Workshops and Trainings



The StudyPro has partnered with Rachel Bailey, M.A. in Clinical Psychology and highly-respected Parenting Coach, to host a 6-week workshop addressing the 5 biggest challenges we hear from parents.

You will learn strategies to:

  • Deal with big emotions (less yelling!)
  • Respond more effectively to conflicts in your family
  • Build your children’s self-esteem and self-motivation
  • Get your children to listen more / do what they are asked

We all want simple, practical ideas (that both parents can support), that help us to improve our relationship with our children. Rachel specializes in helping parents understand behavior, provide solutions that are easy to implement, and help our children make wise decisions when we aren’t around.

Sessions begin on Thursdays Jan 10 from 10am – 11:30am and are held for 6 weeks. Limit 10 parents. Cost $650.

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DECEMBER 8TH, 2018 | 10AM TO 3PM | $450.00*

The StudyPro is offering a structured workshop to help students organize, plan and prepare for their midterm/end of term tests. Even if students do not have formal midterms, this session will help them be more organized and prepared for Finals/End-of-Year tests. The 5-hour workshop will guide students through:

  • creating study folders,
  • identifying areas of study they don’t understand,
  • developing questions for teacher meetings, and
  • developing plans for exam preparation.

Three 6-hour study sessions are included on the days of your choice.
*The cost for the workshop includes 3 study sessions in our Coached Homework Center.

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All workshops are held from 1:30pm to 3:00pm
Sat. Jan 26th & Sat. May 18th – Growth Mindset for Writing
Sat, Mar. 2nd – Growth Mindset for Math
Sat, April 6th — Pushing Through Frustration


The StudyPro is offering three free workshops for 4th and 5th Graders to help students understand and begin to develop a growth mindset. All workshops are free, but limited to 25 students.

Using Growth Mindset Strategies for Writing! – January 26th & May 18th from 1:30 – 3pm
No matter how much we want to maintain a Growth Mindset, writing can be tough!  Whether it’s getting started, knowing what to write about, figuring out where to take a story, or being open to editing our own work, writing can put anyone on the brink of giving up. During this Growth Strategies workshop, we will explore different types of writing, practice ideas to get started when you are stuck and learn how to look at editing in a more positive light.

Please note that all Workshops are free, however limited to 30 students. Each student must be registered separately.
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Growth Mindset: Getting our Minds Set for Math! – March 2nd from 1:30 – 3pm

How many times have we heard “I’m just no good at math!”?  The truth is that “being good” at math means honoring the process vs. pushing fast to get to the answer.  However, many students struggle with the 4 best practices that are goals for all mathematicians.  Good mathematicians learn to:

  • persevere through problem solving
  • check answers using different methods
  • plan how to solve a problem vs. jumping into a solution
  • justify answers and communicate with others

During this workshop, we will focus on how to use a growth mindset to shift our goal from “get it done fast” to “honor the process” as well as teach tools and strategies that students can use to work through challenging problems and reduce anxiety when they get stuck.

Please note that all Workshops are free, however limited to 30 students. Each student must be registered separately.
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Growth Mindset to Push Through Frustration – April 6th from 1:30 – 3pm
In this workshop, we will (re)learn what a Growth Mindset is, and why it matters, especially focusing on what we can do when we get frustrated.  We will look at when we get “stuck”, how we react, and what words and approaches we can use to help “push through” that frustration. We will also introduce some new strategies for chunking work and reading, and will provide each student structures to ensure that there is adequate time to get homework done.

Please note that all Workshops are free, however limited to 30 students. Each student must be registered separately.
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To Learn More about Growth Mindset or Our FULL Study Skills Course for 4th & 5th Graders, Click HERE


Three Dates Offered:
Nov 10th (1PM – 3PM) | Feb 2nd (1pm – 3pm) | April 27th (10am – Noon)

The StudyPro is offering a 2-hour workshop for any 6th – 12th Grader who is a graduate of our Essential Study Skills course and may need a refresher on any of the core strategies.

During this two-hour review, students will revisit the core structures and strategies around:

  • Organizing materials
  • Identifying your whitespace
  • Developing your plan
  • Starting work when it’s assigned
  • Chunking work
  • Note-taking
  • Active-studying
  • Accurate error analysis

If you have fallen back into any old habits, forgotten any of your core study skills, or just need a bit of a reboot, this is a great workshop for you. Each session covers the same material. Please select only one.

COST: $150
REGISTRATION: Study Skills Reboot
To Learn More About Our FULL Study Skills Course for 6th – 12th Graders, Click HERE


The StudyPro is offering four full-day sessions for professionals to that will help them better recognize, support and improve executive function challenges.

COURSE OFFERED: Nov 9, Jan 18, Mar 8, Apr 5
Participants will earn 5 continuing education credits
Hours: 9am – 3pm
Cost: $199

Too often the term ‘Executive Function’ (EF) is known but not truly understood.  As a result, students who may procrastinate, turn in work late, or perform at a level that doesn’t meet their intellectual potential are often misinterpreted as lazy, unmotivated or having poor attitudes or behavior.

When school administrators, teachers and counselors truly understand the impact of Executive Functions, when and how they develop in students and how to recognize an EF challenge vs. a behavioral problem, the dynamic between students and schools can change dramatically.  By learning skills to support underdeveloped capabilities until they have fully matured, student performance can improve dramatically.  With simple, evidence-based strategies, teachers can provide the necessary scaffolding for students whose skills haven’t developed yet.

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Past Workshops

Lunch and Learn Series

‘No More Nagging: Fostering Internal Motivation’

February 16th | 11:45am – 1:15pm | FREE

If you are tired of threatening to take electronics away and frustrated with your inability to “change” your child, please join our guest speaker, Rachel Bailey, Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, who will provide both insight and key strategies on what we can do to ease conflicts and instill a sense of motivation in our children.

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Lunch and Learn Series

‘Are you too reactive with your child?’

January 19th | 11:45am – 1:15pm | FREE

Do conflicts with homework or behavior set you off? Do you wish you could be more supportive vs. emotional? We want confident and successful children, but sometimes our own fears and triggers turn in to criticism or conflict.