The ability to plan, prioritize, and complete work isn’t limited to only academic assignments. These are skills used in everything we do, from managing our work and family calendars to how we set and reach our goals.

For students, summer is an optimal time to work on building skills without the demands and stress of a full schedule. Whether it is through summer assignments, parental expectations (e.g. reading, chores, etc), test-prep, or a student’s personal hobbies/interest, executive function strategies can be modeled, practiced and learned so we are off to a more productive school year.


The StudyPro coaching starts with a personalized executive function and study skills self-assessment.  After reviewing the student’s areas for growth, we then identify and plan projects we can work on to support that growth.  We also review students’ current work process so they can better understand how and where EF and study skills are causing “friction” and the strategies they can use to fill the gaps.

study skills coaching


Student Self-Inventory and Assessment
The first step to improvement is being honest about our areas for growth.  Many students don’t truly understand executive functions (EF) and so can’t self-identify where they need support.

Summer is a great time to “take inventory” of EF skills to better understand how to leverage strengths as well as to focus in on strategies to fill any EF skill gaps.  The StudyPro offers a “Signature Strengths and Strategies” executive function self-assessment which is where we start all summer EF coaching.  This report provides an assessment of both EF and study skills and will be the roadmap for our summer work.

Sample StudyPro Executive Function
& Study Skills Self-Assessment Report

study skills coaching



Anyone can call themselves an Executive Function coach, but not all are. Executive functions help us manage our time, initiate, and plan, which can be difficult for any student, especially when their routines have been so dramatically impacted. Being equipped with the tools and strategies that truly work for students requires very specific training. The StudyPro’s Executive Function coaches are Masters or Ph.D. level educators including special educators, school psychologists, and learning specialists. Our coaches all utilize a consistent and personalized method of planning, prioritization, initiation and time management that align with what is taught in our Study Skills and Strategies course. We have the experience to individualize strategies for every student — from those simply struggling with the transition to online learning, to students with ADHD, executive function challenges and/or other learning differences.

who, how often, and parent communication:

WHO:Any 4th through 12th grader who would benefit from individualized support and strategies to improve executive functioning.

HOW OFTEN:The summer is a time where family schedules should come first. We are flexible and offer 60-min sessions (*50 minutes of coaching + 10 min parent communication) weekly and/or to fit your summer schedule.

We can also offer two weekly sessions and/or 30-min check-ins during the week. Packages and pricing can be found here.

PARENT COMMUNICATION:Each 60-min session includes parent communication in the form of:

  • Coach-provided email summary of session including work plan, goals, action plan
  • Parents to join last 10 mins for summary of session and overview of work and action plan
study skills coaching


Subscription Packages are also available.


Subscription Packages are also available.

Pricing / Packages / Scheduling:

$160 per 60-mins session (50 mins coaching + 10 mins parent communications (see above)).
$80 per 30-mins check-in session.

Discounts available for 2 or more sessions. See Pricing Sheet for details.

For more information or to set up a coaching session:

email, us at
call us at 571-321-5800
or complete this brief interest form

and we will contact you within the business day.


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