The StudyPro offers Executive Function (EF)-based GROUP COURSES as well as 1:1 COACHING for students and parents over the summer.

All coaching and courses are offered in-person as well as remotely.

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Learn More about Study Skills and Writing Courses

1:1 Coaching

Learn More about Math, Writing, EF and Parent Coaching

    The Study Skills Class is recommended as the starting place for all 6th through 12th graders who desire to learn how to better plan, manage, organize and complete their work.

    The course teaches the

    These set of skills match what is being asked of a student in school. Mastering these skills will allow students to manage a rigorous curriculum with great efficacy and efficiency.

    The course is broken down in to five (5) Modules:


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    Study Skills Courses

    5-Session (10 hours) In-Person and Remote Courses

    The StudyPro study skills courses help students who desire to learn how to better plan, manage, organize and complete their work. All courses consist of five, 2 hour modules (total 10 hours) and are offered Monday – Friday. All five modules must be completed within a single week.

    3 Free Homework Center Sessions (remote or in-person) are included with each MS/HS course so students can put what they have learned into practice.  These sessions can be utilized from Sept. 6 – Nov. 30, 2023.


    Courses with 2 or less students will be cancelled and participants will be provided the opportunity to reschedule.


    — If purchasing 2 or more courses, use code 2ndCourse to receive a 10% discount.

    — If a Growth Strategies Course graduate, use code GMForever for a 15% discount.


    1:1 COACHING


    Rising 4th – College Students

    Download Summer EF Coaching PDF

    If your student experienced barriers this year, how can we make next year different?

    When students are under stress, they don’t have the time or emotional capacity to self-reflect.  But it is precisely that self-reflection that allows them to identify the habits that are creating academic friction.

    Summer is the right time to build the academic resilience required to reduce future friction by:

    • Helping students identify where they get stuck
    • Replacing current coping skills with more productive alternatives
    • Designing organizational and planning systems that work for them
    • Building strategies to boost EF skills such as initiation and inhibition
    • Reducing online and offline “clutter” to optimize for the school year

    1:1 Academic Resilience / EF Coaching is offered both remotely and in-person. Coaching is set by appointment only. Please contact The StudyPro to schedule.

    More Info on 1:1 Summer EF Coaching

    Phone: 571-321-5800