“Spotlight on a StudyPro – Arielle Adams”

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If you ask Arielle Adams why she wanted to join The StudyPro, she will tell you that she had seen too many bright students being labeled as lazy and wanted to understand how teachers could better help students learn how to successfully approach the process of school.  She believed that the “growth mindset” and “learning how to learn” philosophy of The StudyPro was something she needed to become a part of.

Now, The StudyPro’s Homework Center Director, Arielle is fine-tuning our Homework Center model and enhancing the idea of a consistent, safe space where students can feel comfortable taking chances. Her team’s support allows students to step into the discomfort of “not yet” by practicing new strategies and approaches to their learning.  Arielle’s goals for the Homework Center are that “students understand that there are many different ways to approach learning, that they can use the strategies that work best for them, and if they practice those strategies, they will be successful independent  learners who are confident in their abilities, as well as comfortable asking for help when they need it.”  Arielle has spent the summer developing training for her coaches and acquiring supplies for the students to aid in meeting these goals.

Her lifelong love of learning and passion for helping others experience lightbulb moments in their schoolwork shows in all that she does.  She developed her passion for teaching by helping her sister with chemistry homework when they were teenagers and continues to find passion in helping students recognize their true potential.  We invite everyone to say hello to Arielle the next time that you are at the center and allow her to explain the resources and support that she and her team can offer your children on their journey to learned independence.