Unlocking College Success: 5 Ways Executive Function Coaches Support College Success

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As you are dropping your student off to college, you may be worrying if they will “make it.”.  The shift to a more independent learning environment can be hard for any student, but especially those with executive function challenges. Executive function coaches offer invaluable support to college students, helping them navigate the unique challenges of a new environment, …

wall of awful

ADHD: What Is The Wall Of Awful & How To Climb It?

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If you’re experiencing symptoms of restlessness, disorganization, and trouble focusing, you’re not alone. These symptoms may be consistent with an ADHD diagnosis. Also known as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD is more common than you think. In fact, 2.8 percent of people living in the United States have the diagnosis. One of the most widely shared phenomenons that people …

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How to Help Your Child Develop Good Study Skills

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Did you know, children who present with executive function problems are more likely to struggle academically as they grow? No one is inherently born with executive function study skills, instead these are skills that are developed – or explicity taught – over time. Often, however, elementary, middle, and even high schools can not adequately prepare their students with …

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An “A+Guide to 7 Critical Study Skills for High School Students

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Did you know that good study skills for high school students can not only improve grades but can also improve self-esteem? Recall questions of both types are a way to engage with your notes, help divide them into smaller chunks of information and also to start the studying process.     1. Study Actively Simply re-reading material and notes …

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Understanding How Executive Function Impacts Academic Performance

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Executive function is one of the most important set of skills we can have when it comes to accomplishing longer-term goals. It’s also critical for self-regulation, an important part of succeeding not only in school but also beyond. If you want to help a student see better academic performance, helping them develop this skill set is often where …

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“The 5 Most Critical Elements of a Study Skills Program”

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While it is fair to assume that the most critical elements of a study skills course are the study skills themselves, the truth is that for a course to be effective teaching students skills like time-management, organization, planning, note-taking, and test-taking, parents should pay closer attention to how these skills are taught. When we recently redesigned our flagship …

“Learning from a Distance: Can You Learn How to Learn?”

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Think about the last time you tried something that you had never done before — maybe you went skiing for the first time, tried to learn a new language, or how to play the guitar. You might have been frustrated that you weren’t immediately perfect, but you probably kept at it because you realized that as you practiced, …

“Learning from a Distance: Focus and Follow-Through in the Time of COVID-19”

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We are all doing our best right now to do our best.  We are trying to create structure, routine, and a feeling of safety for our families.  It is in that spirit that we are launching a new webinar and blog series: “Learning from a Distance”.  We want to share our best tips and resources and do our part …

“Spotlight on a StudyPro – Arielle Adams”

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If you ask Arielle Adams why she wanted to join The StudyPro, she will tell you that she had seen too many bright students being labeled as lazy and wanted to understand how teachers could better help students learn how to successfully approach the process of school.  She believed that the “growth mindset” and “learning how to learn” …